We know you’d rather be fishing than sitting in port filling out your license paperwork. Purchase your ALASKA FISHING LICENSES in advance and provide us with the license number(s) on your reservation form via the guest portal for your reservation. When you buy your license in advance, we will pay you CASH to cover the purchase price PLUS an additional $5 on board. That is our way of thanking you for getting us fishing rather than filling.

Our 2018 charter rates will include a one day Alaska Fishing License, but you can save time and MAKE MONEY by purchasing your license directly from Fish & Game.

Why? The answer is simple. We like fishing, not filing, and think you do too. If everyone has a license in advance, we are able to leave the harbor faster and get out fishing…and we’re willing to pay you $5 to help make it happen. What sets I FISH HAINES ALASKA apart from the rest is our great service and greater choice in charter fishing activities – not to mention “Peggy Sue”, our fully equipped 48′ Uniflyte Sport Fishing cruiser – head (that’s bathroom to you) included! and we’ll show you how.

2018 Rates

Great Day (full 8 hours) of Fishing: $379 – GET YOUR LICENSE: $349
Good Day & I Fish for Cruisers (4 hrs AM /PM): $259 – GET YOUR LICENSE: $229
Sightseeing with Peggy Sue 4 hours 1-6 guests: $459

5.5% sales tax added to all charters.

Full disclosure: A one-day non-resident Alaska fishing license will cost you $25 and you will get $30 cash back. A Yukon full season reciprocal license will cost $29. Our Yukon neighbors will receive $40, whichever license you choose. Yes, that’s a little extra gift to our friends from Whitehorse.

Your license is included in the price of your charter, can be purchased in advance, or on board
(but it will s l o w things down.) When you GET YOUR own LICENSE in advance, you SAVE in 2018!

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