11930877_389701057895994_5827935669979015342_o Our charter fishing season has been very successful so far. We’re catching fish nearly every time we go out. Our charter fishing guests are having ball too, with the halibut, salmon and cod they have brought out of the waters of the Lynn Canal and they’re having fun even when we’ve struck out. There is nothing that beats a day out on the water. For your safety and enjoyment, we check the NOAA weather reports daily and before every trip, so we can plan your charter for the optimum start and end times.

Up here in Southeast Alaska, we still have a lot of daylight to work with and, with the crowds beginning to thin out, the fish are just waiting for you.  Halibut season lasts for just another month.  Why don’t you join us for that last month of halibut fishing, or for October fishing for salmon? What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Fishing charter catch rate: nearly 90%

  1. My husband and I will be in Alaska the end of August this year. We were wondering what the price is to go fishing for halibut?

    Thank you

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