I Fish Haines Alaska announces its first Save Your But Contest. You probably know that the State of Alaska Department of Fish & Games has a reverse slot limit for keeping halibut caught while charter fishing in Area 2-C. In order to keep the species viable, we throw back fish between 38-80 inches. Those are some pretty big fish. I Fish Haines Alaska will reward 2 of our guests with a free full day of charter fishing for throwing back the largest halibut in both July and August. If you have to throw back the big one, we want to give you another chance and have you come back. The rules: You must be a charter guest of I Fish Haines Alaska between July 1 and August 31. You must land the fish aboard the “Peggy Sue”, have your photo taken with the fish and the tape, and thrown that baby back to live another day. One guest per month will win a free full day of charter fishing which can be used anytime.

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